Cellular Nutrition Pack
1 Bottle 3 Second Salad (90 vegetarian capsules)
1 Box TEN (30 capsules)
120.00 USD
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Our Cellular Nutrition Pack combines 10 servings of fruit & vegetable phytonutrients, 72 essential minerals, and potent digestive enzymes with the clinically studied power of Bodē TEN to nourish and energize your body at the cellular level.* †

The physician formulated 3 Second Salad provides the phytonutrient equivalent of 10 servings of fruits & veggies all contained inside a convenient, portable, and ready to take capsule.† The groundbreaking AMES™ beadlet technology inside each capsule allows 3 Second Salad to provide a slower and protected release of phytonutrients for maximum nutrition absorption.*

Bodē TEN is an ultra-premium nutritional supplement that enhances cellular energy production, increases stamina, and reduces oxidative stress.* Working at the cellular level, this proprietary formula provides essential nutrients needed to support your body's mitochondria-the power generators of your cells.*

Well-rounded cellular nutrition can be just seconds away with our exclusive Cellular Nutrition Pack!